Promob2b Merchandise Management System

Case Study


The PromoB2B system houses five stores for our Global client Riverbed Technology. Pre-printed merchandise items are warehoused in Chicago - USA, High Wycombe – UK, Cape Town – South Africa, Hong Kong – China and Brisbane – Australia.

The main benefits are:

  • Product Consistency – The items pictured are common items in three or more of each of the stores. These are core range items and are supplemented by other products that are suited to the local buyers tastes.
  • Cost Reductions – When the stores are stocked or replenished, the products are purchased and produced on a Global scale resulting in each location buying at the very best price.
  • Brand Consistency – The items are branded at the same factory for each of the stores delivering unrivalled Brand consistency on merchandise in each corner of the globe.
  • Global Control – HQ in San Francisco is satisfied that the product and brand elements are consistent whilst local tastes and local control is managed by the regional marketing teams.
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