Savings of 15%-40%

How can we save our company money?

The PromoB2B system has been designed with cost reductions for our clients in mind. The two main areas of savings are: the more efficient purchasing of stock and reduced shipping costs.

Our online shop provides economies of scale by bulk ordering promotional items for call off by multiple users.

The Group Buying tool is designed to help users buy promotional items collectively. The module enables users in one region or across multiple regions to order together, resulting in cost savings by combining their order quantities.

Shipping costs are kept to a minimum by locating stock regionally and by the efficient consolidation of deliveries from one source to your office or event.

Overall savings of 15% – 40% are typical depending on your spend and global reach. Management reporting enables transparency of spend across all regions, identifying trends and purchasing cycles, ensuring stock is kept to a minimum.

Authorised users have access to view all transactions within their specified group or region, ensuring total spend control.

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